Thy Face*

Thy face*

Thy face
As one drew
A pencil sketch,

Reminds me
Oft our days,

You studying hard
Me doing nothing
Taking rest,

You drawing curtains
Sun peeping
Me watching the lace
Of Thy silken dress,

You giving me a mock test
Me singing "Donovan O Rosa"
Fully Blessed,

You asking me Pythagoras
Me dipping blotting paper
Into inkpot just,

You asking me not to run fast,
Me running to kick from the corner just,

You drawing a landscape stretched on the floor,
Me looking at you, smiling at the door,

You laughing out loud , chipping in poems,
Me thinking an engaging theorem,

You doing at lot of hyphens, overload,
Me cycling down the empty road,

You thinking where me had gone,
Me climbing a tree to bring a cat down,

Thy face,
As one drew
A pencil sketch,

Reminds me
Oft, our days. (*Note: the pencil sketch attached is given to me as a gift by a bud mine)


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