Thinking About Thou*

Thinking about Thou*

Whence the heat of waves 
Makes a sweep all over me,
whence over surf and foam,
Me , vagrant ,(by Wandern Lust)
Keeps a going, singing Thou, 
Always moving away, on roam,

How i think of Zeus, and His Muse,
Uranus and Dione, both being True,
How I think of how myths with legends
Take me further to the Deep, Cavern,
As if , (not fully measureless, to Man), How by thy bless, Aphrodite, 
Love seeped soul mine, tries to outweigh
All that comes momentary, to pass
To another Space, another times,

There, at a gate, of a Museum, 
Muse, by thy providence perhaps
Forgetting small ticking of clocks, 
How in the big ocean of Time, elapse,
Stand before Thee, Luminous,

And as if, Thou ask me then, to pray,
To Dione, thy Mother, to send me rains
On my parched lips, so hankering 
To get the moist, of Thy redness,

Dione, then how i find, like a mermaid, 
Almost coming out of waves of the Sea, 
Watered begets my Soul then, salty teary,
Waters turquoise then i slip into,
Loving Thee, Aphrodite , and Dione too,

Worshipping all, Divas, the Eternal,

Kneeling before you, love,

How i find meanings of everything
How coming back to me, (so watery,)
Quenching as if my thirst, (vagrant me,
Bitten so by Wandern Lust), as if a Sea
Thou hath thought of bringing to me. 

#Dione: GODDESS Roman, of Water, Sea, Ocean, wife of Zeus, 
#Aphrodite: GODDESS of Love, Daughter of Zeus and Dione.)


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