A walk, spelt by Rains*

Whence Love, you go walking past
Holding umbrella Thine,
Post a squall and rains, drizzling,
Seeping through our Hearts,
Drenched as we remain,
And the road , too,
for our late eve's walks,
As becomes colored,
Leaves whence fall,
All over Us,
And You, Iove mine, whence
Just go walking past,

I, watch Thee,
Like that Tree,
Silenus like,
Like the way,
Our short stay,
At Naopli brought
Before us,
Love deep,
Never sought,

Those trident lights,
They glimmer,

Only to light
Our calmed summer,
By the squall,
That followed the rains,

That with love , oft I
For you, Isabel, do paint,

Will you then me compare
With that painted scape
Of A Paradise, a lair,
That once Gaspard did,
With an wooded landscape,
By our Love, so finding a Seed; "Apollo amoureux de Daphne"
They call it in Rome, i know,
Which once you told me,
After a painting show,

Yes, you might always argue,
How can I in Dughet view,

And i will, like an amateur
Bring, strange, curious, similes,

Like you turning into a Tree,
Being my  GODDESS of Love,
A Daphne,

Had i been real,
As mighty as Apollo ,
For thou, so sealed,
I would've still sought you,
Isabel, putting
The forests dark and deep
To a Re~ view,

Ovid , then, must have been very amused,
Finding a Lover, like me,
So foolishly Bemused.

(*Note : this poem began with the painting as attached, done by Leonid Afremov, courtesy: Musica Pittura e Dintorni;

But, it took a different shape and tune altogether, as it moved, as can easily be understood by any discernable reader.

#Gaspard Dughet , a Roman Painter and artist (Rome1615-1675), did a painting titled "Apollon amoureux de Daphne", based on Ovid's 'Metamorphoses'. According to the legend/myth, Daphne, being chased by Apollo, turned herself to a Tree.

#Silenus , is considered to be a companion of Bacchus, thoughtful and thought provoking one, having Visions or Foresights, who usually remained Silent. Unlike Bacchus, Silenus, though appeared Drunk, had never been a great patron of Wine or any intoxicant.)


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