You can always go far, but come September, you will return*

You can go far, faraway from me,
But come September, you will return,
That i know, if not do you return,
That month, the next month will
I catch you, right beside that river,
She is not alien to me, like you,
Her me knows, me knows for years,
Through your eyes, She every day comes,
To my heart, where me keeps you,

You keep me too, ain't so bro?
Now that you are faraway, so,

You can go far, faraway from me,
But like sailors, we will meet, in the Sea,

Then , in waters we will play,
Or on the beach, volleyball if so you wish,

You can go always far,
But not more than one millimetre,
From me, from us, OUR Family.

(*Note : the photograph attached is Taken by me, from a friend's collection of photography, with whom I had spent many many happy hours together, at R.K.M.R.C. Narendrapur, Kolkata,
Shri/Mr. Sibasis Das. )


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