On the other side of Seine river*

Catching the Bus, Seine i passed,
Keys of our hearts, after throwing,
Locked such with everlasting love,
(Like those sparrows, pigeons and doves)
Whence guided by , thy kindness, I turn up,
At the other side, of Seine estuary,
Trouville and Honfleur, where I think
We could sit down, under the shades of trees,
Embracing thy soft, thy deepest love,

I think of you, so , as if dame,
I have your unworded serene, married,
You Art such a Diva, Such a maid,
How Canst i leave Thee, life(?) 

So i sit back, relax, replenish,
Our hearts with fresh Air, unblemished,

Eugene, perhaps , found that too,
Looking at his painted View,
The other Side of Seine,
The River of Live, Parisian,
There at Trouville and Honfleur, entwined,
I find, Thou, GODDESS , Divine.

 {*Note: the poem is loosely based on a painting done by Eugene Boudin ( Honfleur 1824- Deauville 1898), as attached.
This poem is also a continuation of an earlier poem by me where the River Seine is mentioned and few other scribblings where the idea of 'Catching a bus' is referred to.

Boudin visited the Other Side of Seine Estuary and visited Honfleur.
Interestingly E. Boudin met Claude Monet , in 1858, which made him a believer in the impressionistic artforms and paintings.)


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