Finding limerick*

Finding the dumbness is nothing new
If one can, will and say,
Can find dumbness in many ways,
Like one once found it said
Printed published in one book made,
Grammarly, they have declared it cool
Scripted words in decrepit tool,
And then all went to the woods
To find where can or forever could
Find Beauty little in trees those stood
For years many and for many to come,
Through books we compose, compositions,
Paragraphs, bios, narratives light,
Scorched streets and halogens bright,
All happen in form of words,
Spread across some million yards.

(*Note: the photo of printed words is taken by me, out of a Grammar Book, later it is turned into a multimedia presentation, for the sake of Poesy, a different kind, popularly known as limerick)


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