The Mother and The Child*

The Mother and The Child*

By thy bless, love mine,
Whence by thy passion,
So Venetian,
I go about wandering
In search for la radice,
How to Thou,
Mother, more i
Get rooted,
Thy Face,
Thy act of holding Babe Thine
In one arm,
And the other
Holding like a feather,
A small twig,
From the Oak,
So green ,symbolic,

And how Simon
Had with His Eyes
Found both of You,

Mother You and Thy Child,
Staring still,
As stilled can a painting, can, be,
So eternalised,
Only by a Vouet
How You Two Rise
Before my mortal eyes. 

{*Note: the painting attached was done , with great patience by Simon Vouet(1590-1649). It was made by Vouet, upon request from his friend , Louis Hesselin. Hence the painting is titled "Hesselin Madonna". }


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