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Song for an obadiah

If am i to sing a song
As good as the night calm and long,
If am i to hold the shore
Of sands that come so near the door,I can turn to you, O Obadiah,
For You hath made me to spare
All those little things i lost on my way,
The flowers blooming plentiful and gay,
In valleys green,charming and bright,
In mountain forests, mildly embracing light,If am i to put words in rhyme,
As good as the dawn pure and quiet,
If am i to find the essence of clime
In the gentle ripples of water at my side,I can turn to you, O Obadiah,
For You hath made me to spare,
All those little things i gained on my way,
The stretched full up flamingo wings  of a day,
In the midst of an ocean vast, blue and wide
In the waves mirthful, dancing in tune of a tide,If am i to sing a song
As good as life to which one can belong,I can turn only to you,
O Obadiah.

Sky full of leaves

Stand still under the sky
Full of leaves
And gather how
 from foliage drips
Colors of rain.
(The still attached is titled 'foliage', a work by Koentjero)

Before I set on...

Before I set on
To another journey long,
Wish I could have made a piece
With reeds of notes at fingertips,
Wish could have strummed the string
And hummed a few last lines
That could have burst waterlilies
with hues of extraordinary shine,Before I embark on
Another journey might be long,
Wish could have blown the air
Through the pipe like a piper true
Wish could have taken a few
Grains of moments as honeydew,
Wish could have rested legs on the bow
and made the wind to take the oars,
Wish could have consecrated a tune
To the leftaway golden shore,
Wish could have gazed at ease
How through space life flows by,
Wish could have sung a song
To the earth, the sea and the sky.

Lilacs in the sun

Get me where lilacs bloom
Aplenty like a deluge,
in the sun where they turn
The world a canvas huge,Get me where lilacs bloom.