Ode to Leda*

How do i find Thou,
The Goddess of births,
Of Helena, Clytemnestra,
Polydeuces, Castor,
Four of Thy children ,
How Them i see,
Playing , near Thou feet,
And You, standing, angelic,
Taking kisses from
The Swan , Thy Love,
Whom Thou hath so playfully allowed,
To come near Thee,
To take You to His lighted scape,
Knowledge , so shiny,
That can invigorate all,
You and children Thine too,
As Leonard doth made You,
Before battles of Sparta , Athens,
Were waged, before Helen was abducted,
Before Battle of Troy, came,

O how, Leonard hath made You
To stand there, Deified,
Caressed by thy Love, Zeus like.

(*Note: loosely based upon a painting done by Leonardo da Vinci as attached,  similar to one done by Correggio;)


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