Let's go, to that country*

Oneday told my beloved,
Come , as we have got
Time aplenty to wander
So bitten by the lust for Wonders,
Come,to that country side, let's go
Where wildseeds of dandelion flow,

There,( made me, a plan for her to dream,)
We would catch nascent forms of our figures
And facts we would send just to ferry over
The stream, that had been flowing there,
For ages we have no mind to gather,

There,(made me, a dream for her to keep)
We would be like those trees, murmuring
In the coolest Loveliest soothing breeze,
And we would make love to each of those
Flowers which would wake for our Love deep.

(*Note : the painting attached, done by Nancy Medina, inspired me to scribble this poem. Courtesy: Keith Linwood Stover , Iulia Gherghei)


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