Porta Alba, as if, *

There, there, how You i find,
Right at that alley,
Our stay, brief,
You Isabel, i,
And Cicero,
And Donya,

How ,wonderful had that life been!
You, me, all in One Big Wide Screen,
Loving us, our Quest, our findings matchin'

Your rethinking , of changing a bit,
Your style, your dresses, your happy happy faces,
Your love for your brother, Cicero,
And for Donya, neopolitan so,

Pizzeria , small and big ovens,
Lain side by side, smelling wheatish,
Maize , corns,
All coming to us,

And Samir,
He was there too,
A bit apart true,
But in his looking at

And me,
Geosyncing all,

The Statue of Dante Alighieri,
Right there, at the circle,
In the middle,
As if standing like His Epic,
Guarding Beauty Thine,
Mine, Cicero's ,Donya's,
All, who came there,
Early morns,
To sit on the benches,
By those piccolos,

Ain't it lovely
Finding so much of You,
Coming back to me,
Through painted dreams,
Dream like reverie,
Drenching me,
Joie de vivre,
Sweet, embracing us,

O how i wander
By thy dreams,
Of my created Girl,
My writes,

How in painted forms,
Thou make a rerun.

(*Note: upon a painting , under the aegis of a series titled "Happy Art", courtesy : Alex Artista, Musica Pittura e Dintorni; 

" la radice" is actually , a short novella written By Me, on varied things , 



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