"Where have you gone?"*

Not finding her, anywhere in the house,
Calling her, twice, "where are you?"
No answer coming forth,
With a choked throat, hoarse,
Coughing a bit, went out ,

At the yard,
Finally i stood,
And amazed how i became,
Seeing her the Same,
So deified, under the light
On hammock, balanced ,
Beautiful, reading a book,

"What book that could be!"
Thought i, curious,
"Hey! What are you reading?"
Thought i, to ask her,

But under such broad shining light,
She on the hammock, so beautiful,
Fully engaged with a book, deified,
Made me practice, silence, on my lips,

And she on the hammock,
Perfectly balanced, didn't me notice,

I just looked at her
reading a story book,
Over the grassland,
amidst blooming tulips,
Reading, before me.

(*Note: upon a painting as attached done by Vera Gabriela, courtesy : Sam Carlo)


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