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You got to know her
Rupsa was her name,
She had eyes deep as pool of water
And mossy black was her mane,
She carried the scent of flowers
Her limbs were light as wings
She could catch the moisture of the air
And like a troubadeur she could sing,
You got to know her,
Rupsa was her name,
She could turn words into tunes
And rhymes she had in her throat,
She could make waves in rivers
And like a feather she could on lands float,
You got to know her
Rupsa was her name.

With sky on her

With sky on her
She stopped
Clear,daylight upon her
Wrapping her round
Like still water,
Shy, a bit embarassed,The breeze had played like little ripples
And peals of laughter
Floated on her,
The sky made her reflect
Clouds, rainbows,
Hedges and bushes,
Flitting shadows,With sky upon her
She got laid
On the bed of grass,
With sky on her
She became
A verse.

When you love someone...

When you love someone
You get merged with the One,
Your mind reaches the state of bless
You put the moving world at rest,When you love someone
You hear the celestial song
Your heart blooms at every hour
Your face gets lighted by heavenly shower,When you love someone...

Missing a kind of a summer

Miss those
Crazy hazy lazy days of summer,
And that neighbourhood-
A bicycle tied to a tree,
A vast green field,
Goal posts two at two ends
Like two guards,
That pond where anglers
Spent their summers
Looking at the still greenish water
For slightest movement of their strings,
The shaded slope of the river bank
Muddy soft and that wooden plank
Wide just enough for us to sit
And ruminate over the birds and the bees,
Queen of heart placed on grass
Little triumphs in a game of cards,
Floating leaves, whispering breeze,
Smell of green mangoes in the air, just a tease,
Wild violet flowers fresh and sun kissed,
Cotton seeds sent to the clouds by a whiff with a wish,
Rows of eucalyptus like standing saints,
a sleeping goatman by the barbed fence,
A sprinkler and a water jet,
A seesaw, a swing, and a garden gate.

The tree and the wall

That tree by the wall
Had grown and spread,
Her wings, her branches,A riot of love-yellow, blue, green,purple, red...
She had gathered over the years
The light, the rains and the colors,The glory of gods, the birth of dreams,The graffiti of youthful hypnotic screams,
That tree by the wallHad grown and spread.


Morn comes like elysian pleasure
Swept by the breeze,
Singing songs of deathless gods,
And life flowing without cease,Morn takes the magical charm
Pure and smokeless,
Casting radhachura dreams
On lazy summer's face.