Whence under Thy watchful Eyes, Aphrodite like, we two play

Whence under thy watchful Eyes
Mother, GODDESS as Thou Art
Behind of our birth,
We twin brothers
Kids just play,
Anteros and Eros like,
Leaving aside our arrows
With which we sometimes each other
Unnecessarily shoot,
You must be
The Happiest One,
Seeing us holding the leaf
Together, of a Palm,
A feathery one,

Under watchful Eyes Thine,
O Mother mine,
How we kids two,
Leaving aside our arrows and bows,
Come together to hold aloft
The leaf, held true feathery, soft,

Then we know how we be come one,
Truly your angelic sons,
Propagating Peace and Happiness
Becoming lovely Writes,
Hosting and loving more Erotes,

We then fill all with love,
Tending those suffering
From poverty and unmitigated grief,
From love also , unrequited,

Under watchful eyes Thine
O mother , Mother mine,
How we leave aside
All pains and unholy tides,
Becoming one truely,
Feather of a leaf, as hoist we.


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