On a composition of Brahm

What had made Brahm to compose
Such a tune, with such poise?
What comforting idea made him
To put music into such a rhythm?
What inexpressible thought
Had he tried to fathom?
What soothing calm, what solace
What intervention of musical grace
What pursuit? What search?
Into what restive state did he submerge?

If had i been gifted one millionth part
Of the idea that he had unearthed
I would have made one for you
And for all to have a better view
Of life and the world too.


  1. This is a wonderful piece on yearning and beauty.

  2. Replies
    1. Ty , yes there is that sense of loneliness... but then without loneliness how can poetry be?

  3. May the search be short and the discovery soon!

  4. He gave you a shard the moment you heard his music


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