Telling you a story by Loving You more,(all in the script of our philos-ridden Love)

Yes, how have I
Tried to tell
A story
Of Love and forgiveness,
Not only printed in form of a book just
Getting pennies, making me rich,
But also to You reach
To help us make us better,
With wings of flies, moths, and
Life as creamy as Butter,

You may think of me as unwise
A fool , too romantic, idealistic,
But then, dear,
Tell me,
Had they not been here, like a Tagore
Or an Einstein,
Or even other mortal greats,
The older and the most beautiful ones,
Aristotle, Plato, Confucius,
Had there not been
Rivers of flowing writes,
Literary and philosophic,
All going to the Oneness of Us,

Where have We have really stood(?)
Come, dear, let  us make love,
Read more and do edits
Of our lives,
And lives of our dear ones,
Thinking all as mere mortals,
Living as One Big Family,
Can we do not that(?) Can we just that be,
For our betterment
As lovely We.


(*Note: the picture attached is clicked by me from the editorial page of The Telegraph, Kolkata Edition , of Today.  The coloring and cropping are however done before posting here as attachment to the write up)


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