Waking Up With You

With love,
When we wake up,
You and I
And our dreams,
We can feel in us everything
And everyone,
The world it seems
Come to us to tell
That we have never loved
For good for nothing,
Cause Love has never failed
To light us, with Her kindest Heart;

With love
When we rise,
We see our sons
And daughters in our eyes,
And for them we live,
For them we pray,
For them we kneel,
For them we take  The Milky Way,

We Go Space,
We wear newer dress,
We go Hills,
We go plains,

We dance,
We jog
We ruminate,
We our Love spill,

Not a wonderous thing
To feel the breeze of Autumn and Spring,
With Your parfum forever emanating
Drenching us
Flowers soft and reddened true,

Woken by Kisses
Of Only You.


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