Ode to My Love, The Goddess, the Aurora, *

No good extraneous can bring changes to Me, I am the Change I can cause unto me,
The love that bestowed by Thou can Only
Bring love Thine to my little heart, and that can bring more love Thine, teary ,
And i will, by thy beautiful love, Will be Karma Thine,
All I can do IS no thing but Thy Gift, a shower , rain Holy, upon my parched, Pestilence stricken soul,

Love me more sweet love mine,
I wish to drink wine straight from your red
Your kind, your wholesome, your awesome petals, soft, kindred,

O love mine,
Come and put me to rest,
To Your bless, to your Mighty Heart,
Like a son being born new, after rains.

(*Note: inspired and expanded from a short paragraph, a cryptic one , of a friend mine, Shri/Mr. Sagar Sen. Also, a tribute to a song by a popular Rock Song Group, Scorpions)


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