Loving Thou, IS like making journeys From dot to eternity and Back

Once ,when the morns
Broke into us,
Found i sleeping still,
Covered by the hardest shield
Our softest life
Rested inside
The Shell,

A snail
Found I,
Coming home
To our bay,
Lured and guided
By Our scriptures old and Pure,

By Waves Thine carried
Dotted as We
For eternity
We our heels cool,
Rested complete,
On the beach,
As we with sands of times
each other with timelessness Greet,

Tiny, apparent
Snail like,
Wrapped in a shell,
Sprialled as we,
In our Love bound
The decaying greed
When we in us Justly  felt,

We made a promise to put everything back
The way The Universe
Wanted us to be,

You and I
Shell like
Feeling One
Perfectly We.


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