The dream of the sky and sea meeting before me*

Once found you two
Children mine
Standing fully mesmerised
By the Beauty of Sea
Meeting the sky
And and Sky falling on the Sandy beach
As being reflected
Partially , on the waters stagnant,
Seeing you two
Getting dipped into
The Beauty of Love
Of the Motherly earth,
The Nature , so Heavenly,
So kind, so benign,

I thought to click all the five,
The two children mine,
The Sky Of Thy Holiness,
The Sea of Thy Vast, waters from which
All three of us, mortals, were born,

It was, i feel,
Mother mine,
My prayer to Thee,
To give us more
Of Thy profundity,

But only photography
Felt always
Canst reach me
To Thou,

Knowing sheer poesy
Is my forte , if i say that,
If Thou allow me,
To say that , mere,
see, how have i (After so years many,)
Coming back to thy lap,
Lapping waves,
Rolling over my beach,
Trying to pray
Again, through my pregnant soul,
A heart kept in Thy belly,
( prayed earlier, with childish wish,
So fulfilling, )
Taking resort to words,
Wishing only more
Of Thy bless
So ,
I can write my life
To thy name.

(*Note: the photography is done by Me.
The two persons featured , are my better half and my son. The photo was taken by me many years ago, when we went to a seaside place. )


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