Goya and 'The Disasters of War", a series, *

Sometimes, whence governed
Such by Truth externalized
In poesy , paints and sketches
Whence worshipping Thou the Goddess
Of Universal Love, from whose Womb
we all little figments illusory just for times small Borne,
I find going farther, into Eyes Thine,
Holy Mother, thy eyes,
Of live and creation,
An artist, a soothsayer,
A balm, a Prayer,
Wrought in charcoal black,
Sketches made of papers made by hand,
Rough, like made by lead,
Pencil, or black of thy Ink,
A series of "The Disasters
Of War",
Thirty seven , thirty nine,

O how I get dipped into Thy black scope
Finding more of bloodbath
Done before my birth,
Before, the birth of so called king's and queens,
Before the arrival of harlequins,

The horrendous unleashed
In series polemic,
Truth as Truth can ever made to be,
Only with eyes to see
Filled with ignorance and ignominy,

Ah! How i have a pensive sigh!
Seeing humanity hanging ,
By trees dying too,
Bound by ropes so feeble,

Ah! How i think of Biblical Fables,
Aesop's ones, Boddhiswatta tree,

Ah! How i see your unholy pride
Taking us to illusory Real
And the Most Real
The Universal Love
Of Mother and Thy Eyes.

(*Note: the picture attached is Taken by me , from the Archive of Francisco Goya's eternal works of art and painting.
As it seems, I did , a bit of framing decorations on the painting itself, without anyway maligning the basic art form, which actually I love the most.
Still, if Anyone feels, i have played a mischief with the painting, just do pardon me, thinking of my childish whims coupled with Passion undying for Creativity.
It all goes to making the world beautiful, that's all one can say.
The painting belongs to the "The Disasters of War" series, done by F.Goya, A Spanish Painter, who hath inspired many artists and poets and writers worldwide to seek the Truth and to fall in love with Humanity more. The particular painting is numbered 39 in the series.
There is another, more horrific and bloody, which, I dared not to attach here, for its horrendous imagery.
This particular painting is also photooped by me, to lighten the effect, as one feels, the object of Poesy and painting is not to scare people but to give a rise of The Truth, which can make us Only Free.)


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