Loving Thou, Isabel mine ,

Every time I think of you
Isabella mine,
I think of our times
At Port Alba,
You going to classes
To attend to painting
To Amadore,

Cicero dropping you there,
To that alley pigeon pooped,
The street where I would wait
For you to return,

You going to the park by the sea,
Wearing a flowing white long skirt
Your auburn hair taking the salty breeze,

Every time
I think of Thou
Isabel, GODDESS mine,
How my eyes become watery
Filled with love sweet,

And your waving at me
From your balcony,
Smelling so much of flowers
And pizza and cuppa of coffee,
Early morning slight
Held cool on dewy misty railings
And lampposts
Standing like guards
Only for us,

You once asked
'Why are we here?' I perhaps said nothing,
To notebook I looked
And talked only the evolution
And the species , earth, nature,
And Our origin,

You know that all,
What can more I say,
For Thou, I rise
And for Thou,
To you, your lap sweet,
Cosy, motherly,
Oft how see,
I fall.


  1. Chiranjeevi GandikotaApril 14, 2016 at 4:50 PM

    Nice Presentation.....

    Moinak ji @ Moinak Dutta


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