Taking to the sea,

Once tied by strings
On both sides,
Left my boat
At the bay,

It was a morning
Just like today,
On still waters,
Left the boat
And took a dip
Into the translucent turquoise

It had been such an amazing feel
To let the waters run through me,
My eyes, my ears, face, hair, arms, legs,
Every part of my body,

had no Scuba suit even,
Just had the wish
To swim,
To see those school
Of dolphins,
And fish,
And seahorses,
Crabs, turtles,
Starry things,
Glowing deep

It had been such a wonderous swim,
Gathering things, caressing those rocks,
Sands wet, algae all over me,

Whence i try to be,
With the light
Falling refracting
Through cool waters
Reaching me,
Swimming as I try to do,

How i feel the cool in me,
And how i see those glowing things,
Beneath the still surface
Of a limitless sea.


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