Finding Anu*

Sometimes, whence Thou become
The forest, sitting Artemis like,
With silence of the woods,
Growing into you,
Much like me
Writing you,
Long, one and half almost
Of lac, worded true,
You sitting by the stream
You dipping your fingers
To cup the liquid
From the cool
And then quenching your Thirst
And me finding You
Sitting back turned to me,
how i find I, and You too,
Deep in the forest
Serene , tranquil,
Mossy leaves under our feet,
You the Wild,
Me the kind,
You the Kindness,
me the writes,

How i find Boddhiswatta
So close
Betwixt me and you.

{*Note: the picture attached is Taken,
by me and then photoedited, changing and modifying a bit the pic. Hope, the liberty poetic is Given.
Courtesy: Sadie Singh.
Love n gratitude.

The Character of Anu, (can also be interpreted as molecule, the Bengali terminology of 'anu'  being such, meaning a compound of more than one atoms) is portrayed by me, in my novel titled "Online@Offline", published by Lifipublications, in the year 2014, January. The exploration of self and finding one aligned with nature and finding Peace of Beautiful Truth is also there very much in the novel, mentioned.
This poem or scribble hopefully incorporates all these different aspects.
This particular poem/scribble, hence be also categorised as something tending to be 'esemplastic'.}


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