Remembering Port Alba, Napoli*

Don't know why oft
You arrive Isabel
And our Port Alba, Napoli,
Cicero's face, shining, laughing, sporty,
Remember, our going to the park, to the beach, to the sea,
Early morns or at twilight,
You wearing a white skirt bright,
And a simple straw hat,
Your brownish golden hair,
Smelling lavender,

Don't know why oft
You arrive Isabel soft,
Like a painted scape,
Our going to Napoli dreams,
Your face always keeping me dated
To all of my works, my going to places,
Collecting data, noting them , loading,
In books, in machines boring,

Don't know why oft
You isabel come , just drop,
Like a feathery calm, a bless,
Wearing white gown and top,
A translucent you in a beauteous dress,
Standing before my eyes, for me to see,
Your Awesome, Your Light, Your beauty.

(*Note: upon a painting, done by the beautiful painter Italian of a kind, Alex Artista. Taken by me from His "Art without limit" series.
Courtesy : Musica Pittura e Dintorni.

#Laradiceinpoemextended )


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