For that Barmaid*

Once going to a Bar,
Found Thou,
On wait, standing,
At the counter,
With fruits and potions,
Right in front of You,
And that Great Huge Wide
Mirror, mirroring you, but not i,

The mirror, showed everyone,
At Thy back, as placed, so magical, Divine,
Art Thou standing solitary, quiet,
As the Centre, so musical,
Turning me like a spectacle almost
With Thou, standing there, so poised, as composed,

Then, Philos i, find, in Your eyes,
Mirrory me, in You, so held as i,

So old a painting, kind,
Eighteen eighty two,
A Parisian bar,
Manet there how i,
See, by thy bless, find.

{*Note: upon a painting based, done by French painter Edouard Manet , which was painted and exhibited first in Paris salon in 1882. ( Maurice Merleau- Ponty, the french Philosopher, called it an Epical work. Dot to Eternity and eternity to dot thing is a mirrory life.)

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