Ode to Francisco Goya *

Thou Art inexhaustible,
Even after looking at thy canvas vast,
Going through thy works,
From Your greatest scenes,
Of wars and people dying,
And correlating Thou
In poesy Ferlinghetti kind,
Of fallen dreams, billboards 
Eating up the skies,
Growing by bits, following Beats
Of poesy wrought in pains,
Whence i try to delve deep 
Into Your serene sense,
how i a connoisseur just
And a terrible lover
Of Thou, find Thou being so subtle
Almost feathery, soothing, beauteous, feminine,

O How You, Francisco, 
In Spanish realm Thou brought
Divine pleasure in forms of art,
It must have broken Your eyes,
Blinded it must have, as Thou had worked,
Perhaps having the broad day, as light
And tapers and candles flickering at night,
To work on relentless, Your Devotion,
In painting the Goddess, The Giantress,
Reclining on Her silken Bed,
As if for The World, keeping On Wait,
As if challenging the human
The fallens to rise up, to discover the primordial,
The Divine spiritual Innocence,

How doth Thou create
Two versions of us,
The naked and the clothed,

How doth Thou make us
To believe, only whence we
Be come a Devotee truly
We can kneel before Thou
The Creator, The Supreme,
Naked like , shameless. [*Note: the painting attached was done by The Greatest Spanish Painter Francisco Goya, titled 'la maja vestida'(1800-1805). Francisco Goya created 'la maja desnuda'(1797-1800). Both the paintings are preserved at Museo del Prado, Madrid. Francisco Goya's paintings inspired American Beat Poets too.
Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg and the rest. Interestingly Allen Ginsberg came to India, and more specifically to Kolkata and stayed somewhere at Jessore Road and inspired many Bengali poets like Bishnu Dey, to start the Beat Poetry movement in West Bengal.
In fact Ginsberg wrote a poem on Jessore Road itself and his experience of staying at Kolkata and interacting with poets of the city.
This poem was earlier posted at this blog, and also at Instagram by Me)


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