Ode To Venus, *(based on a Painting by Botticelli)

To Thy Birth Holy,
Thou Venus,
Out of the Mythical Sea,
Carried by the Seashell,
So unblemished,
i try to sing, my kneeling prayer,
Whence the World is so made
Filled with unholy fights,
Violence when is getting into our muscles,
Foul when i have filled my self
Not knowing, ignorant me,
Not pondering what consequences
I have , done , driven by vanity and false pride,

To Thy Birth, GODDESS of Love,
i make a Prayer, looking at a painting,
Done many years before our births and so many deaths, so many carnage, bloody bath, ripping us, within and without,

To Thy Arrival Standing Bold,
Yet so benign, soft,
(Being greeted by Zephyrus,
On Thy Right, singing Winged Poesy
Perhaps to Thy Ears,
His carrying in Arms,
Aura, the Godly Breeze, )
I sing ,
O You, The GODDESS of Love,

and in my white page of mind,
Made empty by perhaps Thou,
Made Void , by thy benign magnanimous Bright,
i try to feel, what Botticelli had probably meant,
What devotion to his Art and brush strokes and paints,
Took him to Thou,

(It, must have been a saintly act,
To paint Thou, as envisioned,)

O GODDESS of Heart, The Purest ,The Divine,
How Thou out of the waters of The Sea arrive and how doth Thou with Aura shine,
Being welcomed true, by Horae,
The Seasons, spreading the cloth,
Of Her, limitless Kindness, perhaps
To wipe Thou off salty waters,
After being Borne, So filled with Divine Bless.

(*Note: the picture attached was done , by Italian Painter, One of the Greats, Botticelli. The painting is preserved in the Country Villa of the Medici, along with "Primavera", indicating the Work was patronised by The Medici Family)


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