Come friends all over the World,

Come amigo mio,
Come , frumos,
Come , friends,
Come all dancers and poets,
And all heartful things,
Come let's take to the streets
Across five continents, two polar caps, seven blue blue seas,

Come, we, joyous and free bees,
Come let's dance and do sing,
Love that take us all to the swings,
Let's be sultanas and sultans,
Let's me princes and drama queens,
Come on, you, hiding with fear,
Why shake and endangered
When we are up close and so near(?) Come la amore mine,
Yes, you too, sweet heart, my godly bod, my worship,
My sister, my brother,
Come let's take to the streets,
And make a chill our heart,
Let's catch the springy summer air,
And the calming becoming Breeze,
Come we sing and go with ease.


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