Taking a walk down the avenue, drenched,

You must have taken a walk
As you always do,
Keeping our Love in you,
Through that avenue,
Come what may,

At the breaking of the morn
Catching leaves strewn on you
Fallen by the moist watery breeze,
You must have taken the avenue,

Your head hooded by the cape,
Watery drops running down your nape,
You walking leaves at your feet,
You walking to find a painted scape,

In our city, Napoli, is it not?
Where we had lived and groomed all our thoughts
Our finding Poems, paintings, risings and sleep,
Our making our Love even more deep,

The sea by the villa, must have coming down
To sweep the street and also the town,
Whispering into your ears some songs
Of treading through the road side and long.

(*Note: on a painting done by an Italian painter and artist, courtesy Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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