Ode to The GODDESS of Learning and Creativity and Wisdom eternal

Now that You the Truth Fairy of BEAUTY
And Wisdom,
Now that me finds Thou
In every act of my scribblings,
The songs of my rowing ,
For many years,
As Only for Thou have  i tried
To Give Up my smallest self
At Your worship,
Penning so moments many,
Small little fragments of Time,
As captured in my mind,
And on paper white,

Now that with Thou have i
Made a lock of Love,
The fairy of writes,

Seeing Thou
With feathers
White afloat,

Justly just beside Thou,
And You levitating,
Keep me,

So that as long
As i, can write,
Give me a little of Your levitation,
Your Winged angelic creation,
A bit, out of Your piety,

For as i have after being so
Bound by LOVE of Yours,
Can do no thing.


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