Ode To Diana, (Upon a painted canvas*)

How sometimes i find Thou All
Painted with how much of paints,
will perhaps i, never be knowing,
Still now that i , soul of a meredevotee,
To Poesy and paints, soulfully
want to kneel and bow,
And sleep quite,
At Thy Feet, with colors of Thou, The Light,
Writing only to Praise and Pray, Thee,

O How my self i
Get dyed, Artemis,
The Sweet Green Mother like, Nature the Refuge,
(In Rome, as Thou is worshipped for ages,)
At Thy Feet,
The Ablest Daughter
Of Zeus and Leto,

How Thy Face,
As i try to worship in me,
Fills me, with only
More of Void, Emptiness,

Whence i see Thou,
After being born,
On the island afloat,
Helping thy Mother, too,
To give Birth,
Of Thy Brother,

As painted so true,

O Artemis, how,
To Thy Birth i kneel and bow.

(*Note: The painting attached was done by Francois Boucher, depicting with masterly strokes of paintbrushes, the Resting State of GODDESS Diana)


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