Oft whence i see Thou singing sweet , to the Hills i go *

Oft whence i see
Thou singing sweet
Breaking into act Thine,
Sweet , Wise peaceful and so free,
To the Hills, surely
I go,

I go, following Thou
As Thou hath declared
Clear, in thy voice,
Plummeting me,
To the voice,
The song,

Thousand years and even that before,
Those songs had been ringing
In the worshipper's Heart,
Aligned with Truth of BEAUTY,
So eternal, so Pure,

I keep seeing you,
In my waking hours,
In my sleep,

Loving more this life,
Mother Mine,

So Musical,
So Songy,
So innocent,

Ripping me apart,
To tears of unhindered childish Joys,
And laughter ripples down my throat,
My eyes becomes Your Calm,
Your Omniscient Smile,

i go caressing all the flowers
That i have cared so with all my blood
And sweat, dripping from my forehead,
My face to my chin,
Finally to drop
On the Earth, mother,
On the earth out of which i was once born,

Seeing Thou singing,
How i myself become a flick,
A poesy never ending,
A sky FUL of words,
And a mouth so silent,

Only Praying to Thee,
To make me cottony clouds
Of Thy blue blue wonderous Sky,
Meeting ocean of my tears
So beauteously tied.

{*Note: the pic attached is Taken by me,
A screen shot of the Famous flick 'The Sound of Music',A Robert Wise movie, made in 1965, starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, in leading roles.
As one watches and rewatches the movie so beautiful, one some way or other, feels more the Relevance of such a movie more today and for more few thousand years to come. This scribble should be taken as my humble tribute to Robert Wise, Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer and all the cast and crew of that particular eternal movie with Universal appeal, musically upholding The Truth of BEAUTY and Innocence.}


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