For You, Two,

For You ,
Every day i rise
To see you,
Unfolding your petals
By the grace of light
And moist air , kindly dews,

To see you two,
Smiling at me,
Grown out of the yielding earth
so, so fertile, so homely,
Being born from the rose tree
You two blooming quiet, pretty,

Kissed by Her awesome Beauty,
Held in your petals, fair,so Godly,

I rise, every day,

My darling buds,
Of Writes and wonder,
To see, you two,
How oft i go about
Taking roads away,
How i ,like a vagrant,
Oft I wander, to go and to come
Back Home, to pray,
To get touched by your love, so fragrant,

O how every day,
Only to see
Two of You, i pray,

Blooming roses,
Buds true,
Out of same origin,
Just like me, by light and water
Rising, sleeping, believing,

In morn's mild breeze, singing,
Loving the love of that Beauty, in your petals holding,
I rise, every day,
My darling,
Buds of spring,
Summer, autumn,
Winter, monsoon,

For you two,
I sing, I swoon.


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