Ode to an Evening, filled with Love and poesy*

If Thou come and take a seat,
Where once we by chance did meet,
Just like an evening , with moon over Us,
And stars shining overhead,
If Thou come, Love,
Dressed as Vakarine,

Looking up at the night sky,

O if Thou descend into me,

Like once Thou made Vernon Emile

To make you, to see You externalized,

Through gifted strokes of brush,

If Thou, come, 

O You, The GODDESS born

Out of Day and Night,

The Sun and the Moon,

Can you imagine

What will happen to me?

I will just take a dip 

Into Your Love,

Your calm , 

And will bask there,

With buckets of paints

All over me 

And songs coming out of me

 Unpremeditated, spontaneous, effusive, 

Like getting to You, 

O My songs from Heart,

O My throbbing Poesy.

(*Note: The painting attached was done by Emile Vernon, a French artist and Painter, depicting the Goddess of Evening Vakarine.)


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