Finding Thou, flowers so decked, one lovely night, *

Finding Thou, so fragrant,
Flowers on You,
Rosy petals,
All over You,
The Selene,
The night sky,
Starry, falling upon thee,
Silvery flakes, creating a Make,
Painted so Angelic, dreamy,

O Love, mine,
Canst i ever miss,
As you keep me be~mused,

Nay, for You art eternal,
Like those Stars of the sky,
Through the vine wrapped,
As I find you, to Thou i how fly,

Eyes yours, closed,
Thinking of Thy Love,
So Divine, so True,
Deep, deeply meditative,
Makes only me, more poetic,

Canst i fail to Worship,
Thy beauteous colors,
Spread all over me,
Through our sky,
Wavy, like our seas,

And with love ,I know You me see,
Getting drenched,
From feet to head,
By our entwined souls,
By poesy of art, so embedded.

(*Note: the painting attached is done by A Great Artist with awesome vision and patience and passion for Art and Poesy.
Courtesy : Alex Artista, Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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