At our country ,*

At our country, where we built with love
Our little settlement, our home,
There , come , we go , Mon amore,
There, come, we find us more,

With flowers blooming quiet,
Happy as they find the light,
With bees and butterflies,
In swarms as they take the flight,

Come, mio amore, let's go there,
That country house, of us, that bower,
Where we can take into us, the breeze,
Of spring, fragrant, blowing without cease,

Come, mate, let's take a walk,
Down that road of the country side,
Where We art born, being blessed,
By the tranquil presence of His Holiness,

Come, love, we go to that home,
At the country, filled with dreams some,
There, we can always find, our births,
Our love, our writes, our songs, our mirth,

Come, love, we make a trip,
Down the road, where We our Love, keep.

(*Note: the painting attached is taken by me, from a collection of Paintings, as archived, by a friend mine. Courtesy: Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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