Ode to Venus, as half asleep*

Come, Venus, The GODDESS of Love
Unblemished, Supreme,
Out of waters of Hope and quencher of all thirst,
Come, Venus, The Truest, The Divine,
Whence angels , thy sons and daughters,
Art like soft smoothest, children, innocent,
Hover over Thou, The Mother of LOVE, Purest,

Come Venus,
Not that Olympia,
Which Titan, (A Painter of a Kind,)once, depicted,
Out of Sheer denial
Of all that break me, you, all,
So ignorant, so proud, little things,
With no eyes to see Thou,
Come Venus,
Half awake, half asleep,
As Thou Art sleep,
On waves , torqouise,
So surf like, taking all violence for a ride,
Through thy waters, of Newest Birth, The Holy Tide,

Come Venus, the Eternal, the Primordial,
As painted, with lots of Hope, and Faith
By an Alexandre, The Great.

{*Note: upon a Painting, (taken from an archive, by me, with the sole objective of creating poesy, ) done by Alexandre Cabanel, painted in 1863, titled 'Naissance de Venus', kept in Musee de Orsay.}


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