Cooking Tortilla, (all about Our culinary Taste, )

"So, you know nothing,
About how to cook?"
She asked me,
We were then
At the kitchen,
She was pouring oil sunflower ,
Into the frying pan,

'Na... Barring little things,
Not much...'
I reverted,
Looking at her hands,
Supple and busy,

She was busy,
I noted One tablespoon oil
That She poured,
Sunflower oil,

"Can you deseed the chillies? And mince the coriander leaves? Properly? Leave you those stalks, okay?"

She asked, dubious,
Just turning a bit,
To look at me,

"O, that's fairly easy"
Said me,

Wore a pair
Of gloves,
Deseeded the chillies,
And then,
Taking a chopping board ,
Got me busy,
Coriander leaves were to be chopped fine,

She had by then fried chopped pieces
Of onion,
Within five minutes or so,
The oinion
Pieces became soft,

On another burner,
She was boiling
Potato pieces,

"Cherry tomatoes? Chop them too?"
Asked me,

But she was busy,
She strained water
From the bowl
Potatoes got boiled,

"Nah, just wash'em and bring them to me"
She said,
After all she was busy,

I was too,
Was not i?

Making spiced Tortilla
Was our only goal,

Gave her the spices,
Two tablespoons she took,
Noted i

Simple things,
Just like we use,
Back home,
Coriander grained, turmeric, cummin,
Two table spoons,

"Bring eggs, Eight,
Will ye?"
She me pleaded,

"That's easy,
Bringing Eight eggs just
From the freeze"

I replied,
Brought them too,

She broke them,
Yolk and all,
Stirred a bit
In a bowl,
Then poured
The semi liquid
Over the top of the vegetable
Which she made

Minutes Eight
More passed,

"Grill, can you , those Breads?

O yes!'

I said,
Opened the grill,
Fleshed the Breads,

Minutes two
Passed thus,

The top got set,
We were making it,
Making with us,
Breads and vegs,
We were getting spiced
In our culinary taste,
Our Love,

Out of the grill
Whence our bread came
She sprinkled coriander,
I , chillies,
She sliced,
The wedges good,

I made salad

We spiced us,
We made it,
With circular bread.


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