Ode To Aphrodite, as The Universal song, *

Whence Thou bestow out of Thy Loveliest Heart,
Rising out of the Sea of Thy love,
Being carried by the shell of
An Oyster,
Like the Pearl The Most Beautiful,
White creamy Glistening,

With sons and daughters Thine
Olds , mid aged, youngest ,
All in Thy Sea merged,

Some wrapped, paired by Thy Love
Blowing counch shells ,
With ribs of archimedianspiral
On them True,
Holding the Universal Love that Thou hath taught all ,
Through Thy Beauteous Soul,

Whence i find the little children
Playing with Dolphins,
Like mates for play,
Water babies all,
Bathing in thy waters
Of Birth,
(And some of Thy children
Afloat over thy sky,
The angels of Innocence primordial,)
Thy Glory Luminous,
i , child like , try, to sing, spontaneous,

How i feel kneeling before Thee
O Venus,
such a Goddess Thou
Whence doth rise in me,
Love , beauty of Thy Sea,

How i wish to be
That dolphin just
Singing songs
For Thee,

Only sending Thou
my obeiscence , filled with peace,
Holding Thy blessedness
Which onto me, comes, unleashed.

(*Note: upon a painting just as attached)


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