Purely Roman, holidaying*

Once, holidaying,
Causing a revert,
No flick happening,
Only You, Isabel
And me, traveling,
Holidaying just,

How i remember quiet,
Sitting by the sea,
Forever, for you, on wait,
A sun set Beauty,
A smoothie , cream like,
Dipping from setting sun,
On the sea, near, so near us,

Haute Couture,
Golden flakes,on your shoulders,
How you showed off, your beauty,
Only for me,
Knowing me, filled with you, poesy mine,
How you turned yourself a brush stroke,
On me, on my pages, on my book,

You the wit,
Asked me,
To cause go fast
My beats
Of a lucid
Rivery blood,
Flowing forever
For you,

I perhaps asked,
Amused ,
That had been
Always your way
To bowl me over,
To bowl me out,

Your lips,
Your red red pout,

How you,
Naughty Isabel,
Came thence,
To make me tell
You with a song ,

Again, a song,
For our beauteous journeys
Evolving , spreading, widening,
Catching the road long
And also your white
Skirt flowing , with floral prints.

(*Note: The painting attached is done by Oleg Trofimov. Courtesy: Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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