Be friending thou, (a love song for All lovers and poets and scientists and philosophers)

Befriending you
Is like finding Thou
Every moment, every day,
Every nights, every acts,
Fictions and real , real facts,
All merging into us,
Getting ready to Catch The Wonderous Bus,

Holding a Leaf layered with natural wax
Preventing you and me,
From getting wet sure
Yet loving the rains in our eyes,
Which our hearts pink and red with love writes

On pages, cards, greetings, morns,
On eves, springs, summers, like Milky Way Turned,

Fully us filled to the brim
Going forever, for You going,
Through the shines, through the dim,

Befriending Thou is so kind a thing
Moist, softened, like a fountain of A spring,
Enlivening, rejuvenating,
Becoming You, Discovering,
Self filled and signed selfless,
Like wearing every moment love filled dress,
Walking through seas , lands and also the space.


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