For You, roses mine

For You, roses mine
Leaving am i
At the heart of Thy sky,
They are straight taken
Softly awakened
From thy garden of Paradise
That with Thou
How have i tried for years to grow,
The roses and blossoms Thine
Are so overwhelming, over pouring,
That i Canst but leave them there
The way you have left them for me,
In picturesque scene of Thou,
The Holy Mother, the compassionate Wave of the Calm, The Deep Blue, The Lea,

I am leaving the bunch of Roses,
The way Thou hath left them for me,
Greeting you, with my morning's rise,
Drenched by motherly love of your knowing eyes,

Knowing Thou, The Omniscient,
Doth know it all, how in Your Vast, The Infinite sky,
i like a dreamy lighted feathery cotton cloud wander and fly,
i am leaving my love in poesy wrought
in form of an indelible art,
Knowing there is no way other
For me, to reach Thou, Holy Mother.


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