Flute players two

When in your eyes i drop my self,
When in your music, flutist mine,
I find my Soul,
Taking me away from me,
Filling my Heart's bowl,
To a place where nothing remains,
Only Tears of limitless sense,
I try to feel, you, Love, Your Space,
The eternal child in my love turned dense,

i then be come lover Thine,
Your devotee,
Your requited mate,
Your never quenched thirst,

And Coolness in the air
Comes whispering
Into my heart,

Calming me

How benign Thou doth then me bind,
In my belly of Heart,how child like
You leave wonderous songs, so Divine,

O how i get into thy unbodied scape,
Only you and me,
How into a joined Heart, escape,

Your Music all over me,
So trance like, so dreamy,
How makes me feel liquid semi,
In my deepest sense,  my waters,
O how you send me sweet jitters,

Then i also make a try,
With you to silence fly,
Feeling how air blown into wooden pipe,
By fingers controlled, softly just,
makes the breeze to make  swipe,
Turning silvery flakes a gust
Of cool spring evening's wind,

O how you the flutist mine
Make my song with you aligned,

As i keep picturing You
Two playing, flutes, side by side,
Creating Holy watery tide.


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