Going to that lake by those hills, quiet,*

Going to that lake, by its sides,
Where like a dream of Autumn,
Leaves, fall, quite, covering the earth
With their yellow, red, like falling maple shapes,
Come love, come with me,
There We Will , by our Mother's goodness,
Find our deity, Artemis, The Benign GODDESS,
She hath done everything for us,
So that we can happily pass
Our days, sunlit, our poesy, our paintings,
There we can sit , being blessed,
By Her, awesome, her Benediction,
There, we can find pure, Her Providence,

Going to the lake, still waters which holds,
By those ascetic mountains green, hills,
Come , join me, love, there, as we are here,
Till in our hearts , We get that Holy Feel,

Come, love, we will there, be free,
From all din and bustle, our city life,
Our buzzing things, like bees,
We Will get there, by Thee,
Love, our works, our Karma, coming
Calming us, to the fullest,

Come, love, going to that lake,
Decked by maple red, orangy, red, takes, of maple leaves, falling, covering us,
Come, la amore, there we our times pass.

(*Note: the painting attached is taken by me from the Archive of Italian paintings, courtesy: Alex Artista, Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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