With colors thine

With colors Thine
Whence love like
You color me in wonder
How just be I, quite,

Without loving our writes
Which Mother, You me taught
How in  green valleys and Hills,
And slopes down and hikes Up,
Rocks, stones, streams,
How can i, thy music find,

How Thy Boundless Love
Can one truly with love bind,

And the moment I see that
Through eyes, given by Thou,
I be come my days, my nights,
All written , for Thou, calmed
By thy Supranormal Bright,

I become You then,
Every moment of You,
Touch me, every stream
Running through my veins,
Become Yours,
Every tree I stand by thy kisses, to protect, from being felled,

Till Commands Thine,
Will reach my mind,
i, child Thine, borne
By thy breeze of seasons,
Will just strive, keeping
Your love laden Eyes,
In my heart,

If Thou reach me kind,


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