Am i on wait,

For Thou,
Am i on wait,
Wait here I am causing
To you and me,

For to You, have
Not i said,
I have made
Love to you,

It had been such
Our Bed of Roses,
Full of our promises
Of giving birth
To our suns
And moons,

O how much We
Have courted romance,
How much have We
Lived to live by trance,

Had we ourselves Doped(?)
If that dope Thou hath in us
Poured, loving, our lands,
Then, We can
Always put down
Our sabres sobered up
For our knives cut no wounds,
For our steel make no rust,
For we are but Your earth, your dust,

And when You think of
Making me embrace
You Soft, you the Deep,

How moist i remain,
In your eyes,
Meteorologists then,
Heard have I,  claim
Showers have arrived,

But I know what those waters are,

Your honey, upon parched lips,
Mine, making a fragrant descent
Of a rise,
Of me,
Of Love,

And the green valleys
Of us.


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