Where with Thy love, i bloomed for thou,

Whence like a Beauty of a spring summer day,
Coming home , of us,
Thou smile,
Asking me,
How has the day, so far been
What i have done the whole day,
What i missed, what i wished to say,
(Knowing how with works varied
i, child Thine, keep my self hurried,
From songs to memories,
Of our living in Potent dreams,
Of me finding solace in your lips,
Red, so filled with love, never kissed,
Thou the Divine, my GODDESS so red,
In whose kind core, i first saw the light,
Whence i was just a bud, dreaming of becoming,
A rose, planted in thy garden,)

I just look at You,
So soft, so blessed, so filled with lovely dew,
That comes to me, by feverish rise,
So thermometer which can ever measure,
So measureless Thou hath eternally in me caused a seizure,

I just look at you, Rose, my past,
At thy garden, one December get together,
Whence i just stood before Thou,
And became a lens of an eye,
Visioning you, in my love, you and i,

And I recall, how we , buds, thence,
Sang before you, our camaraderie,
Our company of Joys unlimited,
Our guitars being strummed,
Our reading Thou, O Truth Fairy!

Are those days gone, as I ask you,
Seeing again, again, Love mine, you,
Your lips, red, never kissed,

You just tell me, like my Isabel, true,
"La amore, you were there with me,
You are there, you will be,"

Your smile seems so filled with confidence,
While, i, thy child, how , see, forever remain uncertain,

But then, as You have said it, without saying much,
And as i can easily hear, (perhaps by clairvoyance)
Your deepest love, your love dense, Your voice,

I just get more fragrant, rosy,
By your love, so peaceful, so cozy.


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