Whence i find you Isabel, at the sea, with waves at thy feet

Whence i find Thou,
Isabel, at the lovely sea,
Where oft went we,
To find you and me,
More into our Love,
i look at thy feet,
How waves come,
And you how look at the marvel
Of motherly waters
Coming relentless,
Caressing your toes, ankles,
On wet white sands,
How the waters get  soaked,
And how the waters recede,
Only to come again,
To you, to me,
To us,
To all the people,
Standing before,
After, by our sides,

How we all get the water spray
Drenching our souls,
Lighted by Mother Nature's incomparable Beauty,
So refreshing, calming, soulful,

Seeing you Isabel,
my love, my life, my writes,
Canst you see
How we
Now , are spread,
(Merged with the sea
And the sky,
Painted by LOVE
And million thanks
That we thought always
To send, like letters of our Love,)
All over Us,
The sky, the sands, the beach,
The sea, the winds, the morning's
Mild sweet soothing breeze,
That we are now , (so beautifully dyed)
Holding in Our Heart, without cease.

~ frances

(*Note: the painting attached is Taken by me 

From the wonderous works of An Italian Painter. Courtesy : Musica Pittura e Dintorni)


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