Ode To Aphrodite

Knowing Thou Art far Away
From this mortal World
Every day giving up
To acts unholy,

Canst You,
Canst You,
Come out of Thy Vault,
Marble and upon me
Descend soft,
Like the way Thou rose
Once from Aphros,

Now that i have made friends
With dolphins, mirrors, myrtles,
Shells, swans and turtles,
All those that Thou admire oft,
Canst Thou be come Urania,
And light my eyes with Your Celestial light?

Canst Thou come,
Love , Love So beautiful,
Filling my Void with Thy foam,
Feather, blossoms,
Canst Thou hold me
Tight to thy Bosom,

Knowing i can never be Adonis,
But Your Dolphins,Your Myrtles,
Have i not loved, loved like You dictate?

Canst Thou come,
To turn me
Not Ares,
But Anchises,


Merged in thy Aphros,
So watery, so turquoise,

So  Blue.


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